Urban Living By Sarah

Urban Living by Sarah is a boutique digital media firm that has historically worked with high profile influencers, brands, and celebrities.

Recently our mission and dreams have changed. Sarah, our fearless leader has chosen to follow her heart and fulfill her lifelong passion, and that is, to become the fierce and driven cat lady that she has always dreamt of becoming.

Ever since Sarah was a little girl her bond with cats has been the main focus in her life, but this year she is committed to making that dream a reality, hence the birth of Urban Living by Sarah. We have opened our services to help all businesses, bloggers, and anyone looking to drive an online presence. We offer all services that fall on digital content from websites, social media, branding, product placement, content development and anything else you can think of…our team is made up of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry to help you achieve your business and personal goals online.

We have managed online branding and celebrities with combined over 20mm followers and views and we have strong ties and connections to get your products and company in front of the right people and future customers.

Urban Living has a wide range of packages that work with businesses with any size budget. We believe in providing value to all our clients equally.

Please feel free to reach out to us, and oh yes, how does the “cat thing” come to play? Well, Sarah is committed to using all agencies profits going forward to fund and facilitate the fostering and rescuing of cats.

Please follow our blog to see what this year has in store for us.